Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kid quotes

Here's a collection of some of the fun things my kids have said that I actually remembered to write down.

Adrian: Mom, are there allergies in this pillow?
Me: Uh... what ARE allergies?
Adrian: The stuff inside rice, that you cook it and it makes rice!
Me: Uhhh, no.
Adrian, while playing with a pillow stuffed with the white squishy beads.

“The Bad Queen drank too much water, [....] and turned into a new lady!”
—Adrian, Describing the movie 'Snow White'

Becca: Remember the bad lady dropped her sippy cup?
--About the evil queen in Snow White

“Hey, Daddy, this makes me get a beard on my chest, like you!”
—Adrian, after getting caught sneaking a drink of Daddy's beer.

“Look, Mommy! There's a big Black Squidow crawling on the rocks!”

Adrian:  “Emma needs to drink some juice because she's compontided!" 
Me:       "Constipated??" 
Adrian:  "Yeah!”

“But I don't WANT to get tired!!”
—Adrian, sobbing, after being told that he was obviously getting tired.

“I want to eat some vegetables so they can grow me up.”
“For (In) ten minutes I will be a Jedi because I am not a big boy yet.”

“Bow to me! I will never bow to you! I will broke you into pieces! ”
—Adrian, Acting out a scene from Star Wars.

“..and thank you for Darth Vader killing good guys...”
—Adrian, During his bedtime prayers.

“NO! He's NOT a bad guy! He doesn't have a gun!”
—Adrian, Sharing his thoughts on our creepy neighbor during a stranger danger talk.

“My Mommy says I can't talk to you because you're a bad guy!”
—Adrian, yelled to our slightly creepy neighbor soon after a "stranger danger" talk

“Baby Emma cries, and poops, and it's gross.”
—Adrian, laughingly telling folks at church about his new sister.

“My stomach hurts! See? (opens mouth)”

“You wanna piece of meat?!?”
—Adrian, Adrian, challenging us in a roughhousing game, instead of "you wanna piece of me??"

Does she have ants on her?Adrian, after hearing me call Emma "antsy"
You finished your dinner!! Good MAN!Becca, To Daddy, instead of "good boy"

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