Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Cake is Not a Lie!

Birthdays, birthdays, they come and go, and before we know it, the children do grow.

Time to plan another birthday cake! I really enjoy making my childrens' birthday cakes. I love surprising them with some special attention from Momma and a cake that's geared toward the kinds of things they like. Last year I hemmed and hawed over the choice for my newly-two year-old daughter, Emma. She wasn't talking, but she did seem to really like Winnie-the-Pooh and Sleeping Beauty, so I decided to do one of these two cakes. After much agonizing, I made a pretty cute Pooh cake that got a really enthusiastic reception:

Yep, that was kind of the extent of her excitement.

So this year, with Emma STILL not really talking all that much, and no specific cake-inspiring interests, I decided I'd just use one of the cake pans I was given and hope for the best. Here is what I am planning for this year:

I think this year I'll do chocolate. Last year she didn't even eat any. :-/

My other children have shown great excitement over their special cakes, and spend the times around their siblings' birthdays telling me what they want for THEIRS. Their cakes were oh-so-easy to decide on. Ariel and Star Wars. That's pretty much been it since I've started making them cakes, although this year it's set to change to My Little Pony and... probably still Star Wars. Maybe I'll branch out into Lego Star Wars for a change.

I don't know how on earth I could possibly make a cake cooler than this one, though:

From now on, all efforts will be compared to this.  "Yeah, it's cool, but of course not as cool as that one cake you did..."  That's OK.  The look on his face was totally worth it.

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