Saturday, July 30, 2011

A mother's breakfast

Original post on February 8, 2011

Last night I noticed that we were a little low on milk, but I estimated that we had enough for three little kid-sized bowls of cereal.  (Mike doesn't eat breakfast, just gets ready and flies out the door).
This morning after pulling out the unexpectedly light jug of milk from the fridge, I remembered that Mike's favorite midnight snack is a bowl of cereal.  His cereal bowl was still on the counter, with a large amount of unused milk in it.  He just puts it in there for looks.  
So I ration out what's left:  1.2 bowls of kid sized cereal.  No time for a trip to the store or to cook something!  We're out of practically everything, too.  So I have two choices:  reconstitute the evaporated milk (ew) or make them use Daddy's leftover milk from who knows when.  Ew ew.
After the kids are all taken care of it's down to me:  what in the world am I going to eat?  So when I make Adrian's lunch I slice off an extra piece of bread and throw some nutella on it.  It'll have to do.  
A few minutes later, while I am still packing Adrian's lunch, Becca pipes up, "MOM!  I finished my cereal!!  I'm still hungry!" We are literally out of any kind of portable food like bananas or apples.  I sigh and grab the breadknife to slice off a third of my sandwich and then go to help her get into her shoes and coat.  
When I return to the kitchen, the piece that I cut off for Becca is gone, and I know she's not the one who took it.  Argh!!  I look at Adrian, but this time he's innocent.  I find Emma shoving the sandwich down her throat while half-heartedly trying to put a sock on (the same one I put on 15 minutes ago) with one hand.  GREAT.  So I either take away the sandwich from Ivan the Terrible, who will throw a major fit, or I do what any mom would do:   I hand my part of the sandwich to Becca.  :-P
Time to run out the door, and on the way out I grab the tea I warmed up in the microwave... even though I heated it for extra long, by the time everyone's buckled in and the car's in gear, it's merely lukewarm.

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