Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fun with wood saws

I am mulling over whether to go buy up my supplies for my next wood project:

I've done four two different successful, not rickety shelving units, so I feel I can do this, too.  Not sure what kind of wood this guy used for the bed, so I am a little hesitant to get started!  I probably won't be doing the headboard just yet-- first things first.

The idea for this cropped up when my box spring mattress busted.  Why buy another box spring when you can just fix it?  And why fix it when you can use that space for storage by building a bed that doesn't need a box spring?  With five people in two bedrooms, storage space is like gold!

This week is simply not good to throw myself headlong into a project.  Can't do it.  But next week....  next week is looking promising!  I could just pick up the materials... right?

I have a tendency to neglect other things when in Project Mode.  Like eating.  Or mothering.  Anybody for watching Cinderella?

I am itching to get started, though.

Look!  It even disassembles easily.  Sniff!!  How can a girl resist? ... Yes.  I am weird.


  1. The bed frame looks like 2X8 or 2X10 pine with some sort of finish on it...probably to protect from splinters. The legs are probably 4X4's and the headboard looks like its a sheet of OSB board cut up into squares attached to 2X4's. The underneath the bed photo looks like 2X4's probably 16 inches apart mounted by 2X4 joist hangers and particle board layed on top. Looks like 6 or 8 inch long bolts holding the legs on. Looks like a fun little project!

  2. Yep I'd agree... I have my 4x4's all cut and sanded. I'm not doing the headboard just yet, and I'm using 2x10s for the frame. The bolts I have are only 5" bolts, since there's notches cut out on either side of the 4x4.

    I'm ready to start assembling! :)